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Building relationship

Whitespace, a leading exhibition design and build company based in Wimbledon had grown considerably since their inception back in 2003 and realised their purpose, position and visual identity needed a complete overhaul.

It’s always nice when you find a client, and can build a relationship with a team who are just like you.

And Whitespace are that client. Super creative, fun and really know their s**t.

We knew from the start that it was going to be a great experience, with plenty to challenge us along the way.

Insight and understanding

We put their senior management team through their paces in a discovery workshop to challenge and undercover what makes them different in the marketplace.

As often happens in these sessions, there were strong opinions and passionate debate to help us all get to the essence of what Whitespace is all about: bringing people and brands closer together through ‘great exhibition experiences’.

Cut through creative

With each and every project we undertake, we love to push the creative thinking.

We wanted to present a selection of ideas that were fresh and vibrant, but most importantly, they needed to reflect the new purpose and narrative.

The pressure becomes even more intense when you are working with another creative business, the stakes feel higher, I guess because they know what they like and aren’t shy of telling you when they don’t like something!

The creative needed to be punchy – and it certainly was. You know the work stands up when the client’s eyes light up, and everyone in the room starts to jump in with ideas on how it can be implemented.

The big idea

The concept, ‘draw them in’ hinged on the idea of how Whitespace ideas and flexibility of build execution created a multitude of ways of drawing audiences closer to their customers brands. 

We developed a logo with movement, one which opened up to illustrate all the great things Whitespace could offer their clients. 

A series of shapes inspired by their build systems became the building blocks for the visual identity which could work in a multitude of ways across multiple brand touch points.

Building the brand

The project started back in 2018 and with the brand and guidelines defined, it was time to move on with implementation.

We have rolled out the brand across a number of touch points across digital, environmental and in print and are looking now to help seed the brand further into their environment and into the minds of their customers for the long term.

What makes this even more exciting for us was stepping into their refurbished showroom, completely decked out in the new brand. It just shows how far you really can push a brand when you believe in it, and have vision.