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How to take your brand to the next level

Hayley TownHelen BanyardThomas KellyRob Hoy
Discussed by Hayley, Helen, Tom and Rob

Helen Banyard, Director

This is one we really wanted, didn’t we. When the client sends you a brief for the work, which includes what Harry Potter character the brand would be, you want in…

Hayley Town, Account Manager

Ha ha yeah, they did really ‘get it’ and the initial discovery phase was great fun.

The story is actually, really interesting, and I don’t often say that – Weekly 10’s CEO was frustrated in his role at the time about the lack of any HR support that focussed on real discussion and how people are feeling. He built the Weekly 10 platform to do exactly that…meaningful discussion through regular weekly catchups


Happy people = productive people. Very similar to our ethos.


Definitely, and it’s based on people science, something we love getting stuck into. The algorithms behind the platform can actually detect whether people are happy in their job, or if they are just saying what they think managers want to hear. Can you believe that?!

Weekly10 Mobile App Design
Weekly10 Old logo Weekly10 New Logo

Tom Kelly, Senior Designer

It’s clever stuff. Tech that aims to solve human issues at its core. Automation that promotes human interaction. It was a complex brand to get right.

The client had created a nice brand to start with. It did exactly what it needed to and well. It wasn’t about starting from scratch but building on it, improving and making it stronger.


They needed the brand to grow with the business. They had a desire to look like a suite of tech services, but it needed to be apparent that human emotions were at the heart of it all.


It was tricky at times, because the brand was very personal to the client, but that’s what made it so strong. We worked very collaboratively on what every element should mean and represent, but they could always see the bigger picture of the brand as a whole.


The new brand feels fresh doesn’t it? It’s ready to take them forward while still retaining a certain charm. It definitely feels built by people.


100% – the client really bought into the new brand and the website followed on smoothly after that…

Rob Hoy, UX Developer

To be honest, once I had seen the brand guidelines, it was easy to see the structure the website should take. One led very easily into the other.

We worked with the design team to sitemap and wireframe the site. The priority was to organise and signpost the new website so it was clear to all visitors who Weekly 10 is and the services they offer. This was predominantly fixed through the use of a mega-nav


The sexiest of all navs…


Ha ha, yeah – the client really enjoyed the technical detail.

Weekly10 Billboard marketing design
Weekly10 Improve Engagement Weekly10 illustrations


Yes, it was important to have all of the team on calls as they loved to get into the detail, and enjoyed the process of talking to our subject matter experts.


We’ve said it before, but it was a very collaborative process that led to a successful launch, we always do our best work when we’re part of the team. Weekly 10 now also has a really strong set of brand guidelines to support them as the business evolves.


Well, the testament of a good brand is to future proof it by creating a blueprint that has the capability to flex and grow and adapt alongside the business it represents


Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Weekly 10!