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It's all in the name

We call it how it is at Zest. We’ve never been afraid of challenging a client where it is due. It’s safe to say our next client were top dogs in their field of digital monitoring and performance testing. But we’re top dogs at finding ‘the human’ in all our clients, and when a corporate company needs an engaging re-brand ‘jump’, we say ‘how high?’.

On first sight of their visual identity it was clear there were some serious issues which needed to be addressed, mainly their name Scivisum. Trusted clients of over 5 years were still having trouble pronouncing it. Something needed doing fast!

Scivisum had an impressive client portfolio which included among others Tesco, Jigsaw and Cineworld, unfortunately the company’s position and visual identity did not reflect these blue-chip clients or the industry they were working within.


So this got us thinking. With support from team members, we suggested the brand’s original name ‘SciVisum’ was holding the business back. The negative impact was clear, its complexity and potential for misspelling and pronunciation emphasised a visual identity that did not celebrate the great work and customer service that the business delivered daily. We needed their work to be seen, and their name to be instantly recognised.

Planting seeds

First on the agenda was to get discovering. We set up an initial Discovery Workshop with 8 key stakeholders from across the business and launched a comprehensive client survey allowing us to fully understand the culture of the organisation, as well as their challenges and aspirations.

The answers to most branding projects lay in this crucial discovery phase, it’s a case of really listening to what people are saying and picking out the bits which really resonate. The new name came from the CEO during this session. “What we do with big companies is we connect their IT department with their marketing department, “We unite the Tribes”. His words planted the seed for what would eventually become the businesses new name.

Great branding is simple and memorable. By reducing the businesses purpose down into a short, simple sentence it is easier for internal teams to understand. Name and motto sorted and the building blocks for the brand’s visuals could come to life.

Hearty tech

It’s a technical world out there but we think it’s important to add a touch of warmth and a human tone to everything you do. “Tribe provide a true picture of your website’s health, stability and capacity, to keep the user journey seamless and minimise risk”. Therefore, Zest’s creative process needed to be tech-savvy but with heart. We needed to encapsulate the businesses core values of togetherness, passion and clarity, but also expertise.

The chosen idea was based around the Tribe framing device inspired by the logo and company’s purpose, a unifying graphic device which represents the brand’s ability to keep track of and support seamless customer journeys in a secure and contained way.

The device is used to contain visual images and messages that amplify brand story. Use of photography of people and experiences plus sector-aligned graphic icons and patterns would now allow Tribe to tailor and personalise per every client.

Get rolling

The time had come. Roll on the roll out. We had completely redefined, designed and built out their new website ready for the world to see, visit here. Digital case studies had been updated and print collateral produced to introduce customers old and new to Tribe’s revised purpose, services and visual identity. We must say their customers have loved it!

Bringing the Tribe together

The next step for Tribe will see a further roll out to the external market through video, PR, social and a launch event. We can’t wait to see them reap the rewards of a well-defined, energetic brand, fit for their future growth.