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Brand Identity

Juice made personal

Zest were approached by a Kent-based specialist in cold pressed juices to create a label identity and associated promotional brochure for a new range of juicy products.

The Juice Executive enables UK brands to customise their own organic juice concepts for events and campaigns, as well independent retailers looking to stock their own ranges. Juice Executive’s state-of-the-art facilities means they are able to deliver an exceptional product regularly and in lower quantities. Clients are then free to add their own logo to the labelling and even name the juices themselves.

Keeping it classy, Keeping it flexible

The challenge for Zest lay in creating a compelling private label design that expressed quality and sustainability, but which didn’t prevent potential clients from visualising their own brand on the packaging. Our creative team explored clean and sophisticated label designs that would hero the colours of the juices as the real stars! We opted for a crest as a ‘stamp of quality’ to position Juice Executive as a premium brand in a subtle way that did not overpower the overall design.

Print with maximum 'POP' impact

We wanted the brochure to really stand out and attract people to pick it up and engage with the content. It also needed to clearly articulate The Juice Executive’s innovative and unique service offering. Our client expressed the need for the brochure to have the same impact in both print and digital formats in order to maximise promotional opportunities.

We decided on an elegant and narrow brochure to mimic the shape of the Juice Executive bottles. The brochure itself was made from 100% recycled paper to mirror the organic nature of the juices, and the inserts were designed using ‘splashes of colour’ to represent the natural colours of the raw ingredients.