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Looking with ‘fresh eyes’

As part of their annual spectacle lens promotion, and in a bid to boost sales, German lens and eyewear manufacturer Rodenstock wanted an engaging and impactful campaign to attract both existing and new customers alike.

Having worked successfully with Zest on previous projects, our creative team were brought in to approach the campaign from a different angle. We quickly identified that central to the campaign would be engagement with opticians as the ‘gate-keepers’ between the product and customers. Making the buying journey as simple yet captivating as possible, whilst enabling opticians to promote Rodenstock as a brand was the key to success.

A different perspective

As specialists in producing high tech innovative spectacle lenses, Rodenstock needed a creative direction as cutting edge as their products. Zest were appointed as part of a conscious move away from the traditional model shots preferred by many eyewear retailers.

We focussed on promoting the brand strategically as opposed to on a tactical campaign level. In a crowded marketplace, and with lots of brands competing in one space, Zest wanted the customer to actively choose Rodenstock as opposed to a pair of new frames.

The resulting “Look Twice” campaign explored the concept of perspective and optical illusion – inviting the customer to look again at the offer, the wider campaign and Rodenstock as a brand. The bold and fragmented designs demand a second look and closer inspection, and as a trusted partner of the client we were able to challenge them creatively to opt for this approach.

Looking one step further

Not satisfied with just promotional store posters, we encouraged the client to produce a ‘sales toolkit’ – designed to equip opticians with the assets to articulate the Rodenstock ‘story’ without being overwhelmed by the new creative direction. An A3 sales book, tent card, patient mailer, coupon, postcard and bespoke customer-facing magazine were produced to ‘flood’ optician waiting rooms and create impact.

We worked with the client on a competition to incentivise opticians to engage and sell through the promotion period, and also supported customer-facing activity via animated social media assets and targeted Facebook advertising at stockist locations.

Since its launch, the client has communicated a positive response to the campaign. Ultimately, we wanted both existing and potential customers to recognise that Rodenstock is moving in a new and exciting direction and want to be part of the journey.