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In a world where we’re bombarded with an ever-expanding choice tech and advice, Purple Square’s mission is cut through the noise with professional, trusted marketing automation consultancy. Their aim, to empower marketing professionals and make each and every customer interaction count.

The Purple Square team not only had quick-wit and sarcasm but were on the ball when it came to the value of marketing, with clear values and objectives for the future. They wanted a partner who understood their vision and had as much passion to drive results and engagement as Purple Square.

Enter Zest…

Arriving an hour early to the discovery workshop, we knew instantly this was going to be the perfect partnership – more time for tea and biscuits. It was clear from our discovery session that they had a tangible point of difference within the industry. The Purple Square approach is to build long lasting relationships through tailored ways of working, giving customers the tools they need to maximise the process, with no bottleneck. Whilst others are driven by technology, Purple Square firmly believe that best practice to automate comes first – tech follows.

We were confident that we could challenge the team with a bespoke brand which delivered both on impact and encapsulated Purple Square’s ethos.

Purple Square’s values are at the heart of the business, relatable to our own proposition this made it easy for us to forge a clear direction towards a simple yet impactful brand identity. Through our understanding of the key target audience groups, we knew that clarity, transparency and empowerment were key, which helped us to develop the accompanied positioning statement as ‘maximise potential’.

Ultimately the brand identity is flexible in its approach in order to target each audience group in a way which encourages trust and empowers them to take control of their marketing automation. But of course, still has a touch of the Purple Square personality.

Making the brand ownable and personal was a vital part of the creative process, resulting in a bespoke illustrative style, which visually represented the areas of expertise.

In an industry which is quite complex with ever-changing ways to engage with customers, Purple Square needed to stand out from the crowd and provide a clear message which resonated with their audience and plant the seed of ‘am I getting the most out of my marketing automation’? The brand language therefore needed to focus on the idea of empowerment and clarity, enabling customers to fully understand the tools at their fingertips.

All too often the challenging navigation of marketing automation has seen many take a wrong turn – Purple Square aim to be that helping hand that provides honest advice and, ultimately, a solution.

Working with Purple Square to date has been a joy. Challenges and questions were presented from both sides, which allowed for an honest and reliable relationship to grow. The process has been genuinely collaborative and truly integrated, with everyone from creatives, digital marketing, website dev team, PR and social getting involved, working in this way we truly come into our own and get the best results.

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