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Increase in donations

Porchlight came to us late summer in 2021, wanting to work with a partner who could understand the intricacies of the charity sector, tap into the mindset of givers and help them increase donations for Christmas at a time when people were hugely distracted by the havoc COVID has wreaked.

And the word ‘partner’ was hugely pertinent too. The team at Porchlight work hard and deliver campaigns successfully, they are a very capable team – but felt extra support in this difficult climate was essential to turn the tide.

We were tasked not only with creating the most compelling creative, but weaving that into a journey that would raise awareness, engage supporters and then finally, bring in charitable donations.

Testing was also a key part of the activity, using the skills of our Digital Marketers to plan a structured test campaign during the awareness phase, giving us the most chance of delivering an increase in donations when it was needed most.

So, the Porchlight search activity was split into three different campaigns; people looking to help the homeless, people looking to help the homeless specifically at Christmas, and people generally wanting to support any charity.



Click through rate

Zest brought new energy, experience and insight to our campaign work. They are a pleasure to work with, not afraid of a challenge - with their help we have seen uplift for our key digital channels in close collaboration with our in house team. Thank you so much!

Eleanor Sheath, Digital Engagement Manager

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We also targeted larger national competitors’ campaigns such as ‘Crisis at Christmas’ with a ‘help locally’ message. To avoid wasted spend we limited search terms to bottom of the funnel keywords where users’ intent shows they were ready to donate.

The clicks we delivered were much more targeted than previous activity and resulted in a 56% increase in overall revenue and 208% increase in CTR  from last year (5.5%).

We also drove a higher search impression share of 80.85% vs 21.91% but making the campaign more focused.

We’re committed to supporting Porchlight for the longer term and looking forward to working on more campaigns in future.

If you’d also like to support them, you can donate here.