Channel hopping of a different kind…

Borne of a desire to support tourism in post-covid recovery, we were asked to drive a UK audience to the Pas de Calais region of Northern France. Working with 16 partners in France, who had all evolved their destination offering post-covid, our aim was to encourage the more discerning, eco-conscious traveller, and tap into the move towards experiential travel. Our creative execution, tied in with considered media strategy delivered by another member of the Roofbox Collective, was aimed at a range of audiences who enjoy the landscape, food, and history of Pas De Calais, at those who wish to feel different when they visit a place, and not just turn up, consume and leave.

“We loved working with Zest. The team form a warm and welcoming agency. They are very responsive and demonstrated an ability to analyse and transform needs that blew us away. Despite a tight schedule Zest produced our best UK marketing campaign in record time. In Zest we trust!”

Diana Hounslow, Director, Pas De Calais Tourism

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