Original Stormtrooper Beer

Just a case of following your heart

Brewed with love - and a little bit of AB testing. Who says romance is dead? Our mission, to drive sales of Stormtrooper gift sets in the run up to Valentine’s day. To do this we used a classic funnel approach, targeting a plethora of detailed audience groups. From Star Wars fans, to lookalikes (no, we don’t mean Chewbacca impersonators) and more generic, broad audiences. The warmer audiences were retargeted with purchase ads, while bottom of the funnel, were coaxed over the line with social proof and urgency. We iterated, narrowed down, optimised and tweaked, working in partnership with the client, to find the most effective combinations and boost return on ad spend.

"Nothing but praise for the guys at Zest. Friendly, professional, smart and generous, they clearly know what they're doing and will use their formidable talents and experience to help you achieve your strategic goals."

Ben Fowler, Co-Founder, The Sorcerer Ltd

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