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Lockdown-proof Gin

Lockdown might have held some business back, but not so for Maidstone Distillery. Having worked with the team in the last year, to create and launch the brand itself, we stepped up to help them launch not one, but two leading products during lockdown. We crafted exceptional concepts, hand illustrated the original artwork and developed these into stunning bottles, available to purchase now.The London Dry, George Bishop is now an internationally award-winning gin.

Attention to detail

The first product was a traditional London Dry Gin with bags of flavour and class – a bold tipple for the gin enthusiasts. As a team, we felt so comfortable in articulating the Maidstone Distillery brand that we were excited to create a product design that captured a specific feeling each time someone picked up a bottle. This would be Maidstone Distillery’s flagship product and the design needed to set the bar high.

The results speak for themselves. The elegant yet brave design speaks of a modern classic – one that is not afraid to rub shoulders with the Gordon’s and Sipsmith’s of this world. Consumer research reinforced our judgement that we had pitched it just right.

George Bishop London Dry Gin Maidstone Distillery
Maidstone Distillery Pattern Maidstone Distillery production

Welcome Back George

The brand needed to embody the same characteristics of this pioneering legend and pay tribute to George’s heritage, adventure, focus on quality and passion for his community. We wanted people to feel they were embracing an old friend through engagement with Maidstone Distillery – a sense of familiarity, tradition and reassurance.

We took the time to truly embed ourselves into the history and provenance of the man and the era and this paid dividends when it came to creating the final brand.

Pride in their spirit

Darren and Sam want to produce spirits of depth, meaning and character that the local community can be proud of, but with all the clout to compete with the main industry players. With such rich historic detail for inspiration, we could not wait to work with the owners to create a brand powerful enough to leave a lasting legacy.