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How to keep the spice in the relationship

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Discussed by Hayley, Helen and Tom
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Helen Banyard, Director

I love talking about the Leeds Castle, in fact, I talk about it too much.

Hayley Town, Account Manager

Well, you have been working with them since it was built!


Ha de ha, but it’s almost true. I first started working with the team back in 1999, and we’re still working with them now, more than 20 years later.


I love the strength of the relationship we have with the team there, I really feel like we’re part of the fabric, and they know we’re just there to help, no matter what. I mean, yeah of course we’re proactive, we plan, we know what’s coming up and we work together on campaigns to deliver…..but we’re also there when something unexpected drops.


Like a global pandemic?

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Yes – or a last-minute media opportunity!


We’ve been there through it all, we’ve shared the highs (the record-breaking visitor numbers) and the lows (er …see above). But we know we have to deliver for them, because they are a charity and the Castle needs to be there for future generations to enjoy too.


So we constantly review campaign performance, looking at ways to reach new audiences, in new ways. 

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Tom Kelly, Senior Designer

What keeps it fresh for me, is the sheer variety of work we do for them. The events are constantly changing and I get to flex my creative er….muscles (?!) to try new techniques, reach different audiences, and showcase all aspects of what they offer. 


Yeah, that’s the challenge  – so much to say, so many audiences to reach and so little time.


So planning and clear communication. That’s what keeps it on track.  Hayley, you live and breathe the schedule, so you know exactly what events are coming up, what’s expected, how we’re fixed on budgets, where we can look for new opportunities, and how we’re delivering.

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“Zest in three words? Reliable. Friendly. Creative. It’s that simple.”

Sam Bromley, Senior Marketing Executive, Leeds Castle

Speach Bubble


Yep, we speak to the Castle team regularly, so there’s never any confusion or doubt over what we’re working on. They share research findings, to help us create the best campaigns, and we always push ourselves to try new things – so we’re constantly evolving.


I guess its unexpected to be evolving creative with such an established brand, but that’s the clever bit (even if I do say so myself)… to show how to freshen up the brand, and keep it relevant, to appeal to a younger audience – as well as grandparents, brides and businesses. It can’t be a one-size fits all approach. 

And then, throw into the mix the fact that it could be an underground poster, a digital banner, or a TV commercial we’re creating. 


It all adds up to a pretty lovely client to work with, probably the loveliest client in the world (just don’t tell the others).

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