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Exploring attitudes

Kent County Council’s (KCC) Road Safety team want to achieve a 33% reduction in those killed or seriously injured (KSI) on Kent’s roads and a 40% reduction in child KSIs by end of 2020.

We work very closely with the Road Safety Team with a wide range of defined target audiences to communicate with across the year.

Campaign research determines current attitudes to road safety, as well as their recall of the previous years’ campaigns. Taking the research findings and objectives we planned a campaign strategy to help achieve the ambitious objectives.

Influencing not preaching

From research, one of the identified areas of concern is young drivers. A multitude of factors can typically influence a young person’s driving, including mobile phone use, fatigue, distraction from passengers and loud music, all of which can potentially lead to fatal consequences.

We needed to encourage, and not preach to 16-24 year olds to speak up if a friend’s driving makes them feel unsafe.

Our ‘Speak Out’ campaign aimed to communicate with a series of with highly engaging videos of young people discussing trust, friendship and experiences of driving and passenger scenarios. This ran across social media channels, with a focus on a targeted Facebook campaign. The aim was to grab the attention of young people, offering coping mechanisms and ways to encourage and empower them to speak up if they felt uncomfortable.

Kent Road Safety - Summer Drink Drive Kent Road Safety - Seatbelt Campaign
Kent Road Safety - Share the road bus shelter advert

Making an impact

Our Speak Out campaign performed extremely well across all media channels with over 500k impressions on VOD and Spotify.

Online, the campaign videos received over 293k video views and over 20k clicks. The digital six sheets generated over 1.2m opportunities to see.

From post-campaign research we found that 74% of respondents said they felt empowered to speak up, over 75% said they would speak up if they felt a driver was suffering from fatigue and 73% said they would speak up if they felt a driver was distracted.