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Healthier You

Kent County Council (KCC) wanted to encourage adults, particularly those aged between 40 and 60 to make positive changes to their lifestyle to become healthier and help avoid future diseases caused by modern living.

To encourage this group to change their behaviour, One You Kent was launched – a localised public health campaign to show how small changes can add up to make a huge difference. One You Kent looks at a wide range of health messages from quitting smoking, to understanding alcohol consumption through to advice and help on maintaining a healthy weight and being active.

Intensive cross-channel campaigning

Our mission was to create an educational, yet thought-provoking, local public health campaign to raise awareness of the One You Kent service, lead people to the website and encourage them to complete a personalised online health quiz. The One You quiz, educates people to make small lifestyle changes resulting in a big difference to their short and long term health.

Regarding health at 360-degree level, we created an impactful cross-channel, six-week campaign that involved TV, outdoor, radio, online, Facebook, experiential and a targeted leaflet door-drop. Through the campaign we also maintained focus around general key public health messages: stop smoking, eat healthier, get active and drink less.

Influencing the public

Our cross channel campaign gave high visibility to promote awareness of the One You Kent Service and successfully attracted some 30,000 One You online visitors, 11,000 of whom took part in the One You health quiz.

Overall the campaign also generated over 11 million campaign interactions (a combination of radio, online, TV, experiential, social media impressions and leaflet drops). Post-campaign research showed 29% said they recalled seeing the campaign. Most importantly, 35% of those who saw the campaign said they made a change to their lifestyle as a result – that represents almost 25,000 people in Kent who have made a positive change towards a healthier way of life.