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Improving the delicious. experience

Eye to Eye Media, the publishing house for delicious. magazine, Healthy Food Guide and Waitrose magazine ,engaged with Zest to provide an improved and robust digital platform to handle the growing success of their online publications.

Eye to Eye were looking for a true digital partner with greater strategic and technical capability and experience, and appointed Zest to take on the support of all their digital publications. We worked collaboratively with the client to migrate, support and provide continual improvement services, including UX, technical development and SEO.

A feast of a job

With 1.7 million monthly users and over 8,000 recipes, the first major task of moving delicious. magazine from their existing platform and onto WordPress was no small undertaking. With our hosting partner WPEngine, we navigated the huge technical challenge of both migrating the large amount of content, as well as providing a fit-for-purpose platform able to cope with the high volume of user engagement.

With mobile and organic search traffic so high, improving the page load speeds was also essential to amplifying site performance and boosting search rankings above that of competitor websites. On completion we increased the average Google Page Speed score from 40 to 87, putting them away ahead of the competition.

Taking the platform to the next level

With the client looking to double the volume of traffic to the websites in the next year, we’re now embarking on the next stage of the project, with a complete overhaul of both the delicious. magazine and Healthy Food Guide online user experience.

This stage has involved a full information architecture review as well as an in-depth audit of all content. The key is to enable the user to easily explore the wealth of recipes hosted on the site as opposed to just using the first recipe they find through search, and this is achieved through some clever content relationships and interactive UX.

The delicious. website relaunched in September 2018 and the vast improvements have been warmly received by client and the public alike. The next few month will bring a range of SEO improvements and a full overhaul of the Healthy Food Guide user experience.