British Transport Police

Getting to those at risk, before the gangs do.

We were tasked with raising awareness of the dangers of County Lines, to young people travelling across the train network, in the most affected areas. Vulnerable young people are being targeted on Snapchat, luring them into the trap of working for a gang. Our challenge was how to produce a campaign which engaged these young people and those on the outskirts, their peers – without preaching, all within 6 seconds. We produced a set of short snappy animations that lead with the most commons ‘hooks’ used by the gangs: cash, trainers, and phones. Once the lure was shown, the ads turn dark to mirror the longer-term reality of county lines, hitting home with ‘Don’t take the bait’. The native approach worked seamlessly on the channel delivering fantastic results.

"We appointed Zest after a competitive pitch. Zest's response was strategically on point and the creative was original and memorable. We enjoyed working with Zest as they developed the campaign concept. We also briefed them to handle media buying and were impressed with the care that went into the media planning for our small budget."

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