Driving participation and loyalty online

InterContinental Hotels Group’s Rewards Club team briefed us to develop a concept for an interactive online competition to engage hotel staff Loyalty Champions and their front of house teams. he competition needed to educate internal stakeholders on the different available Loyalty Recognition tools, these ultimately improve hotel scores and customer service. By incorporating gamification we could see this would increase engagement and hold staff attention.

Developing a gamification approach

It was important that the competition was accessible, would be understood by hotels across Europe and that teams remained engaged throughout the campaign. As this ran over the summer period it was Olympics themed and made up of seven stages. Taking this theme, we developed each stage as a mini game, themed around a sport (fencing, swimming, shooting, equestrian and running) and aimed to educate hotel teams in the importance of the tools available to them. We developed the game’s concept, design, mechanism, undertook and managed the technical build and reported engagement levels at each stage of the competition.

Engaged teams, increased recognition scores and a roll out to the US

At each stage of the competition we monitored engagement and reported back on winners to maintain momentum;

  • 751 teams participated in the games in total.
  • Participating hotels saw a 4.2% increase in Recognition scores.
  • The competition was also adapted and pushed out to hotels throughout the US where we saw 1,641 teams register.

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Zest Team Involved

Laura Welfare

Laura Welfare

Senior Account Manager

Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly

Creative Designer

David Gyertson

David Gyertson

Director of Digital