Pay Per Click Services

Plan, design, optimise. PPC advertising that gets noticed.

When it comes to PPC advertising, success comes from planning. That’s why our paid media campaigns are designed collaboratively across our team, from strategy through to design and execution. This is how we deliver the desired results for your brand. First, we define your purpose, your audience, your message and your goals. Then we deliver impactful PPC advertising that resonates with your customers. Sounds simple right?

The friendly team at Zest have been approachable and easy to work with and came up with a great concept which we are currently executing with good results.

Lisa Bone, Tourism and Place Marketing Manager, Visit Essex

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Digital paid media advertising is a powerful tool in the marketing mix. It is used to get in front of people to make a difference. Our approach is audience first. We work with you to define your ideal customer then we recommend the right platforms and messages to reach them. Ultimately, each campaign starts with a problem we are trying to solve. Whether that’s to drive sales, amplify your brand, generate leads, or build customer loyalty. We take things to heart. It’s just as important to us that your business achieves these goals, solves the problems, and reaps the rewards from your investment. We love taking clients to the next level with integrated cross-channel campaigns with purpose.

We start by picking the right tools...

Goals, goals, goals...

We like to do a mini audit of your situation. Analysing the challenge you are trying to overcome. The purchase funnel plays a big part in this. We look at the buying cycle for your target market. Does the audience know your business? Do they need warming up with an awareness campaign? Do you need more sales or leads? A clearly defined goal will shape each campaign to maximise impact.

Who are we talking to?

Delving down into the detail, we take an audience-first approach. Identifying the best opportunities for targeting people based on their preferences, location, demographics, and stage in the purchase funnel. We place your ads exactly where your audience is and tailor messages to resonate with them. It’s important to test theories and audience segments to find the magic formulae for optimum results.

Beautifully crafted content

A campaign is only as good as it’s creative. We’re an integrated marketing agency with a team of talented designers on hand, creating out-of-this-world artwork which is impossible to ignore. But PPC adverts don’t stop there. The quality of your landing pages is equally important. Our UX team are on hand to create optimised blueprints or bespoke campaign landing pages that convert.

Continuoussssss.. Optimisation

No time to sit back and relax. After launching a campaign there’s plenty more work to do. From the moment we push campaigns live, we track key performance metrics and continuously tweak and optimise what we’re doing. This is how we know your campaigns are working hard to get the most from your budget.

Test & test again

Paid media platforms offer a multitude of options. But don’t worry, we know from our experience which settings work best for your needs. However, sometimes, the best and only way to know for sure is by testing. We take a test and learn approach to digital advertising. This helps our clients better their market position whilst maximising performance. This is why we AB test audiences, creative and platform settings across all our campaigns.

Analysis & Reporting

At regular intervals throughout the duration of a campaign, we provide analysis of how things are going and recommendations for the next phase. This way our clients stay informed about their campaign and the results we are driving. We are always fully transparent, so you know what’s happening. We set up regular reports and we’ll talk you through a full end of campaign analysis.

Paid Search

When searching for things to do, buy or experience, people use search engines to find something they already have in mind. So, your brand just needs to show up in the right place and – bingo!

Shopping Ads

More and more people are using Google shopping to find what they want to purchase. It’s the first thing they see in their search results and an easy way to compare your products to competitors.


Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat… the list goes on. If you want to drive awareness or sales, this is the marketing channel for you. Which channels depend on your audience of course.


You’ve warmed up your audience at the top of the purchase funnel. Great! Now it’s time to use clever remarketing techniques to continuously remind and develop engagement across channels.


We have all encountered the display ads, they follow you everywhere. This is a fantastic digital marketing technique to keep your brand top of mind.


Mass consumption of online video viewing makes YouTube the second largest search engine and cannot be ignored for mass audience awareness and brand building.