Digital Marketing Audit

Knowledge itself is power. Audit your digital efforts.

Feeling overwhelmed? We hear you! Perhaps you’re not 100% certain which marketing efforts are delivering maybe holding back your sales or engagement performance. It's hard to know where to begin. But we can help you with a comprehensive digital marketing audit carried out by real humans. As a full-service marketing agency, we have experts in each area of marketing to getting under the hood of your digital marketing activity and identify the biggest barriers and leaks in your sales funnel.

Our digital marketing audit uses a combination of data driven diagnostic tools alongside our expert opinion

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The truth lies in the data. Our digital marketing audit uses a combination of data driven diagnostic tools alongside our expert opinion, to demonstrate where your marketing activity is letting you down. Everything in the audit is bespoke to your business. We provide a full overview of your customer journey touchpoints and interactions with your brand, before making recommendations, prioritised by those which would make the greatest impact. Getting an outside expert opinion is often the only way to get sight of issues you may not have identified internally. Realise the long-term rewards of a small investment, with our digital audit by our team of professionals across SEO, UX, CRO, PPC and more!

What is a digital marketing audit?

Website Audit

We start out by auditing the nuts and bolts of your website to identify areas that prevent your site from ranking on search engines, engaging with customers and making sales. Such areas include site speed, website structure and crawlability, purchase funnel analysis and engagement levels.

SEO Audit

With over 200 ranking factors, SEO is a complicated area. We analyse your existing content to ensure it complies with the latest SEO best practices for both your content and HTML and identify problems areas which are preventing your site from ranking.

UX Audit

User friendly design is an artform. Get it right and you provide a seamless customer experience that reaps the rewards of an easy-to-use interface. Get it wrong and your customers are left frustrated and dissatisfied. Our in-house UX designer and data expert work together to pinpoint such issues.

Content Marketing Audit

Well thought-out strong content is good for you, your customers and your rankings. Each page of your website should have a purpose to fulfill whether that is to educate or convert sales. Our content audit delves into the function of your key landing pages and identifies gaps that are working for your competitors.

PPC Advertising Audit

If your business uses paid media advertising, our in-house expert will investigate how campaigns are set up, structured and performing whether that is run internally or by another agency. You can then take these recommendations forward for future campaigns.

Customer Journey Mapping

This is where we bring it all together with visual interpretations of your customers’ interaction with your brand across multiple touchpoints. We piece together your key customer segments’ journey, from awareness through to purchase and aftercare.

Data Analysis

Identify Weaknesses

Boost Website Performance

Competitor Evaluation

Technical SEO


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