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Large, Content
Driven Websites

Many of our clients have hundreds of pages on their sites, a few have thousands. One has over 8000 recipes served daily (no pun intended) to 3.5M monthly peak time users. Sites of this scale are beasts, and without the right frameworks in place, it doesn't take long for them to become bloated and confusing, both for the user and the business.

All too often we hear these kind of complaints:

  • Too many people are adding content to the site
  • The site map is sprawling and the navigation is becoming incoherent
  • It’s become a patchwork of fixes, adaptations and exceptions
  • The journeys associated with our services and functions have become confusing and no longer map to audience needs
  • Brand messaging is becoming diluted
  • Dwell times and exit rates are nowhere near what they should be.
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