We’re a sociable bunch and that’s ok.

We love a play on words, a chatty approach to branding (where appropriate) and product packaging that really speaks to us. But the language used in packaging has become increasingly chatty and casual, describing itself in the first person, trying to be our friends, talking down to us in some instances, and making out that the product is something it really isn’t. Is that ok?

The term wackaging was introduced a few years ago and continues to spark much debate. The movement seems to have been caused by the Innocent Smoothies approach to packaging and has been adopted by many other brands since then; Fresh&Naked, Vitamin Water to name a few.

I found myself listening to a feature on a radio show the other day, where grumpy listeners sent in their most irritating examples of wackaging in action, and I have to admit, I felt a bit ashamed. Why? I hear you ask! Because I am one of those people who actually quite enjoys a bit of ‘wacky interaction’ with a brand. Be that on food packaging, on confirmation emails or just in general marketing communications. I like it because it’s at my level. I feel that the brand understands me, and knows I like a gentle titter when going about my everyday business. But we’re not all of that mindset, and I can quite quickly turn from being mildly amused, to massively irritated if a particular style of word smithery rubs me up the wrong way.

So how do you do it? How do you appeal to the masses, without ignoring those who are intensely irritated by ‘marketing fluff’? How do you inject enough personality, but not so much that you turn your brand into the one that everyone tries to avoid at the Christmas party? It’s such a fine balance, and one that everyone seems to be trying to tip on a daily basis.

There are so many examples of wackaging across all types of products. Take this soap packaging for example…

Tell us what you think – do you find them amusing? Annoying? Do you think it’s all a bit ‘me too’? Do you feel patronised or humanised? Is it all just a bit of fun and people should just cheer up?

The pithy bunch here at Zesty Towers, would be delighted to be on the receiving end of your brainwaves, so send us something to tell us your much-treasured thoughts. You can pop them in a little canister on the ankle of a finely-trained carrier pigeon, send smoke signals across the Kentish sky (bit tricky with an e-cigarette), pen a poem to express your deepest emotions or…..sorry – just email us: [email protected].