The Shizzle is an informative but irreverent pick ‘n’ mix of grab bag goodies. We’ve been thinking about doing our bit to help while avoiding the cliché, as well as providing some chunk you can digest and enjoy.

Times are definitely different and a little bit weird as we adjust to the new norm. Working from home for some will come easy and for others there will be a big adjustment, so the Shizzle is here to keep you on the right side of sanity with some entertaining news and views, and some plain old daft fun, as well as some of the more sober stuff we think you should know.

The Shizzle wants to get the right balance between breaking the boredom for those locked in with children to entertaining those wanting a little bit of escapism. The world right now needs a laugh. The British response to any crisis is always somewhat different to many of our neighbours on planet Earth and it’s that unique spirit that helps see us through adversity.

Some things that caught our eye this week shows how adaptable we are (not always good 😊) but at least we try!

DIY hair styling

We all know how smart businesswomen and men like to look, but after a few weeks of lockdown, well, things can get a little unkempt with no expert hair stylists to hand. Here’s some great examples of why not to do DIY hair styling while self-isolating:

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Spanish Super Nan

A grandma in Spain is spending her time in quarantine sewing face masks amid a shortage in the country. Former seamstress Margarita Gil Baro, from Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, is working around the clock, making 50 of the masks a day. The 84-year-old has been sewing since she was 10-years-old and decided to put her skills to use in a time of desperate need.

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Eyes down for a full house

The remarkable thing about the world today is the willingness for people to do their bit. Pulling together, working through adversity or simply adhering to Government guidelines. We are adaptable and a sense of humour helps, even in the darkest times. Many of us are now confined to working from home and video conferencing. If it’s a weekly company get-together over Zoom, Skype of whatever your particular choice of video conferencing platform is, why not lighten the load with a game of conference call bingo?

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