It may be a time for resolutions, fresh starts and new beginnings but our recent work with financial services company Kreston Reeves is an excellent example of how you don’t always need to start from scratch to keep a brand fresh. Sometimes a brand just need to be evolved to remain contemporary.

We were approached by Kreston Reeves to reinvigorate their brand identity and mirror their new brand proposition of ‘Knowing You.’ It was therefore imperative that we got across the important work that Kreston Reeves do for their clients and position them as trusted advisors.

We kept all of Kreston Reeve’s existing brand assets and introduced a new creative device – the triangular lens. Taking this element from their original logo, we looked at it from a new perspective. This then became our window that we used for framing action and highlighting Kreston Reeves ‘knowing’ their customers. This was emphasised by a full image search for the brand, sourcing images that demonstrated their new positioning.

As part of the refreshed look and feel, we created a new set of brand guidelines, a bank of imagery, advert templates and literature including newsletters, banners, office canvasses, document covers and presentation templates.

By using all of the elements we already had from the brand and finding a new and contemporary way of using them, we have capitalised on Kreston Reeves’ existing reputation, rather than starting from scratch with a brand-new look and feel. It also means that there has been a smoother internal transition, and a subtle shift for Kreston Reeves’ customers.

The new brand launched at the end of 2017 and we look forward to seeing how the evolved look is received amongst Kreston Reeves’ employees and customers as we go into the new year.