The world is full of brilliantly talented creatives. We are fortunate enough to have a few at the agency. But not all creative’s can be brilliant at everything, like in any career, individual skills are tailored to different disciplines.

As a business it’s really important for us to know when we can deliver the creative standards we expect and when it’s best to bring in specialists.

We are always looking to work with clients who are bold and brave, wanting to push past the status quo and create work which is fresh, engaging and uniquely different. Recently we have been fortunate enough to work with two clients of that ilk and the outcomes have been brilliant.

Two very different clients, with two very different briefs, but with one thing that unites them… Illustration. (And castles.)

Creating different

For us illustration is a great way to create ‘different’. Working from a blank piece of paper to create a sense, a vision, a feeling that we and the client want to communicate to their audiences. It gives them a unique and own able identity.

It can be challenging to commission illustrators, for us it’s important we are recommending illustrators we believe best fit the visual tone and personality of the brands we are working with but more importantly, they are proven.

Ultimately as an agency we are only as good as our suppliers so making sure we draft in the correct specialists is critical.

Our first client/illustration partnership has been with Castle Corporate Finance and Illustrator Nishant Choksi. Nishant’s work is famous the world over, working with a diverse range of clients from The Guardian to Vanity Fair, Vodafone to Dyson.

At our initial presentation for the company rebrand we suggest a creative route which featured Nishant’s work. The client loved everything about the intelligence and style of Nishant’s work. It really resonated with them.

Our second client/illustration partnership has been with our longest serving client, Leeds Castle and Illustrator Chervelle Fryer. As our longest serving client, for us, it is really important to keep challenging ourselves and them to keep the work fresh and engaging.

We presented a range of concepts and short listed three illustrators we believed would be a good fit for the Castle. In this case the client really responded to the energy and quirkiness of Chervelle’s work, especially her work which fronted Fortnum and Mason’s 2017 Christmas campaign.

Creative collaboration

Clarity and clear lines of communication between the client and illustrator were critical in making sure the illustrator was correctly briefed and the clients’ expectations were met – especially as in both cases it was a significant financial investment.

What’s great about commissioning an illustrator is that the client is brought right into a creative process, rather than sometimes being kept on the side lines. They see every scamp, re-draw, first colour exploration all the way through to the final work in situ. For us it’s a great feeling and hopefully it is for them too!

Commissioning illustration is great for any business, it immediately distinguishes them from their competition and stakes a claim for being different by design.  Amen to that.