Challenge: We want to understand our challenges

How well do you really know your business? A little marketing audit will help

Ask most people within a business and they would give you their opinion on the biggest challenge they're facing right now. But the trick is to ask the question collectively. Are you all following the same strategic roadmap and working towards resolving the same problems? We can help you provide prioritisation and focus to this process.

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We start by picking the right tools...


Audits create not only a stable starting point for a project, but they can also be used to identify potential pain points and opportunities. You can audit anything from existing assets and comms to analytics and ad platforms, through to content and customer journeys.

Expert Interviews

Although talking with your audience is key to successful product design, expert interviews can get you up to speed incredibly quickly. An in-depth system level view can be rapidly formed from stakeholder interviews and used as a jumping off point for ongoing research.

User / Audience Interviews

Often used in the discovery phase of the design process to gain insight into what users think and feel about a brand, product or a particular experience. They provide the raw material needed to inform personas and journey maps. They can also come into play later down the line, supporting usability testing.

Usability Testing

A task-based method for discovering user pain points and opportunities within digital products. Also useful as a way of validating the value proposition behind a website or app, and alternatively, as a way of assessing your competitor’s products.

Ecosystem Map

Used to help identify existing gaps and potential synergies in your business, marketing or product environment. An ecosystem map provides a top-down view of your products, services and people, and helps to visualise the connections between them, their functions and the value they exchange.

Business Model Canvas

A tool used to visualise the building blocks of a business – from routes to market, to finance and value proposition. It describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. It can also be used to dissect competitors’ models.

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Kent Road Safety

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How to get into those hard-to-reach areas

We’d run this campaign previously to a slightly younger audience with a ‘gaming’ angle to get their interest, but this time, we had to move it on a bit more.

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