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You need to know more to grow more

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But how do we focus this process of improvement? It’s important to pause, take stock, and identify what you do well and for who, along with any pain points, and then to use the wealth of data available to identify new opportunities. Interviewing your audience, mapping the journey they go on to engage with you and understanding the emotions at play all allow you to refine and elevate your offering to customers.

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We start by picking the right tools...


Audits create not only a stable starting point for a project, but they can also be used to identify potential pain points and opportunities. Applied to anything from existing assets and comms, to analytics and ad platforms, through to content and customer journeys.

User / Audience Interviews

Often used in the discovery phase of the design process to gain insight into what users think and feel about a brand, product or a particular experience. They provide the raw material needed to inform personas and journey maps. They can also come into play later down the line, supporting usability testing.


Personas are a theoretical representation of your audience groupings. Drawn from both existing data and primary research, they allow designers to empathise with end-customers and give marketeers insight into the channels and content that’s mostly likely to connect with them.

Usability Testing

A task-based method for discovering user pain points and opportunities within digital products. Also useful as a way of validating the value proposition behind a website or app, and alternatively, as a way of assessing your competitor’s products.


Whether it’s a simple, lightweight construct used for rapid assumption testing early on in the process, or a higher fidelity build that’s used to add rigour to your design system, prototyping is a highly effective tool within any human-centred design process.

Experience Map

A visual representation of your customers’ experience in their interactions with your company, drawn from both qualitative and quantitative data. Anchored to your audience persona, it provides insight into the journey they take before, during and after a sale, helping identify potential pain points and opportunities.

Campaign Ecosystems

A diagram that shows all the brand channels working together, along with the relationships between the various assets. It provides the client with a map of their campaign and helps all parties orient themselves throughout the process.

Comms Blueprints

Indispensable for truly integrated work, comms blueprints merge the comms framework, production budget and media realities into one document. This creates a clear picture upfront of what work will get made and the role each media stream plays.

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