Challenge: We want to stand out from the crowd

Position your brand head and shoulders above the rest

Being noticed and standing out is not always about shouting the loudest. We use our tools to identify the essential truths of your business, to understand your audience in such detail that we can tailor your offering and engage with your customers on an emotional and personal level, shutting out the noise of your competitors.

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We start by picking the right tools...

Competitor Analysis

Research of the competitor landscape – who they are, their strengths, weaknesses, what they’re doing well, where they’re falling short – helps to create a backdrop for brand positioning and strategy, as well as aiding with product feature ideas and design inspiration.

User / Audience Interviews

Often used in the discovery phase of the design process to gain insight into what users think and feel about a brand, product or a particular experience. They provide the raw material needed to inform personas and journey maps. They can also come into play later down the line, supporting usability testing.

Value Proposition Development

A framework that helps ensure there is a fit between the idea and the market. It takes a detailed view of the relationship between the intended customer segments and the value proposition, by highlighting how the idea “creates gains” and “relieves pains” for them, as well as providing vision and guidance for strategy and design.

Brand Book

Outlining your brand’s mission, image and core values, it’s a tool that aims to unite the entire team. Establishing a common visual and verbal language for everyone that comes into contact with your brand, as well as the story that the brand needs to tell.

Brand Archetypes

A way of presenting a brand as a persona. An archetype acts as a lighthouse for a brand’s motivations, its symbology, values, and behaviours, making it more recognisable and relatable to target audiences who share the same value system.

Concept Development

A concept is the creative vehicle that communicates the fundamental idea behind the campaign to your audience. It forms the tipping point from problem to possible solution. Concept development includes the basic principles for idea generation as well as the steps that carry the idea through to selection.

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Maidstone Distillery


Case Study Author Case Study Author

How to stand out for all the right reasons

The story behind why Darren and Sam wanted to reinstate the legacy of distilling in the County town was so rich in history and detail, it was very exciting.

Maidstone Distillery ranscombe wild gin bottle Drawn Outline