Challenge: We want to evolve

Want to thrive not survive? Time for brand development

Of course you want to take your business to the next level. In a dynamic marketplace, being agile and responsive to your internal and external environments is key. Let us give you the tools and the frameworks to guide and support your business transformation.

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We start by picking the right tools...

Expert Interviews

Although talking with your audience is key to successful product design, expert interviews can get you up to speed incredibly quickly. An in-depth system level view can be rapidly formed from stakeholder interviews and used as a jumping off point for ongoing research.

Service Blueprint

A diagram that maps out the entire process of how a service is delivered. It visualises the flow of actions that each role performs, highlighting the actions that the user can see and the ones that happen behind the scenes within the business.

Business Model Canvas

A tool used to visualise the building blocks of a business – from routes to market, to finance and value proposition. It describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. It can also be used to dissect competitors’ models.

Experience / Brand Principles

Guiding principles that help create a shared vision within an organisation. They’re based on research and incorporate insight about what people expect from a relationship with a particular brand, organisation or product experience.

Brand Frameworks

A brand defining toolset that helps map both internal and external brand attributes. From internal values, culture, and archetype, through to benefits, point of difference and reason to believe. These sit in context of the (external) space where the brand operates – category, competition, opportunity and target audience. Together, they form a visual representation of your brand strategy.Β 

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